Nearly every individual may snore from now and then while asleep, but for some people, it can be a chronic condition. It is not always severe, but it could reach a point when it becomes a nuisance to your sleep-partner or roommates. You will not only disturb the sleep patterns of your bunk buddies but also your sleep. Before diving into what causes snoring, let’s ensure that you got its right meaning first.

Scientifically, snoring can be termed as a sleep disorder characterized by a harsh sound that happens when air flows past your throat’s relaxed tissues and makes the muscles vibrate when you breathe. At times, it can be a sign of a severe health problem. Here is a quick look at what can cause snoring:

Obstruction of the nasal airways

Allergies or sinus infections mostly cause this. It could also be as a result of damages on the deviated septum which is a wall separating nostrils. A stuffy nose could also lead to the obstruction.

Sleeping position

what causes snoring

Sleeping on your back is not always the right way to have a peaceful rest. Try sleeping on your side. When you sleep on your back, gravity pulls your palate, tongue, and tonsils backward and this narrows the airway leading to turbulence in airflow and tissue vibration which is a major cause of snoring.

Bad muscle tone

what causes snoring

When asleep, throat and tongue muscles can be poorly relaxed making them collapse, falling back into the airway thus obstructing air passage. It mostly happens as a result of deep sleep especially when you are tired, or if you have used sleeping pills. Alcohol consumption is also a major cause of this matter. Muscle relaxation also comes from aging, and the elderly are more likely to experience this issue than the youth.

Weight issues

Being overweight is likely to cause snoring due to bulky throat tissue. This causes turbulence in the throat due to narrowing of the airway caused by having fat deposited around your neck muscles.

Sleep apnea

what causes snoring

Most people suffering from snoring have a sleep disorder known as obstructive sleep apnea. However, snore does not mean that you have this sleep disorder. People with sleeping apnea produce a more choking sound when they snore.

There are numerous snore remedies, and you can apply them based on the cause of your problem. The treatments can be grouped into:

Surgical methods

  • Nasal surgery
  • Oral surgery
  • Palate implants

Non-surgical methods:

  • Behavioral changes- they entail changing your sleep position, avoid taking alcohol and sleeping pills losing weight;
  • Putting on dental devices to prevent tongue relaxations;
  • Nasal devices ideal for individuals with a narrow nasal passage.

Snoring can lead to risky situations like lack of concentration, daytime sleepiness or even worse, cause motor vehicle accidents due to lack of enough sleep. You should take the initiative of knowing the causes of your problem and take the necessary measures to solve your snoring problems.


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