July is upon us and so is vacation time. So rest assured that this month Techcoveries got you covered whether its underwater pictures, great sound on the move or better fitness bands.

Underwater Pictures for Adventurers

The new Panasonic FT7 isn’t only waterproof for up to 31m, but it’s also shock resistant (can fall from up to 2m), weight resistant ( 100 kg) or impervious to cold ( we know its summer but it can withstand temperatures of -10° C ). With an electronic visor, a 20.4 MP sensor, and a 4.6x zoom, the pictures resembling your adventures (or movies, since it records in 4K) will look better than ever, whether your diving, kiting or surfing.

Panasonic DC-TS7D Lumix TS7

must have cool gadgets



  • Snorkel with confidence down to 102 feet, plus enjoy drop protection to 6.6 feet and Freezeproof to 14 degrees f
  • Capture low light photos with a 20.4 Megapixel MOS sensor, and record video in smooth 4K 30P quality
  • High-quality 28mm wide-angle with up to 4.6x optical zoom range
  • Create with 22 filter effects, Panorama, plus turn 4K video frames into pictures with 4K photo mode
  • 3” LCD display and a 0.2 inch eye live viewfinder [LVF], in-camera AC or USB battery charging, Wi-Fi 2.4GHz (IEEE802.11b/g/n) connectivity



Sound On The Go – Small But Powerful

It’s time to finally get your hands on a wireless headset that offers a studio like audio quality. Second-up in our 3 must have cool gadgets list, the B&O Play Beoplay H5 brings music to life with a headset that weighs merely 18g. Only the best guitar solos will accompany you throughout your run or walk towards the office. The battery lasts for 5 hours.

Beoplay H5 Wireless Headphones

must have cool devices


  • Wireless
  • Black and Dusty Rose Colors
  • Remote/Mic
  • Materials: Aluminum, rubber, polymer, fabric
  • In-ear
  • Battery – up to 5 hours



Monitor Your Physical Activities With An Improved Fitness Bracer

If you’ve been waiting for a fitness device that can present measurements for people that do weight lifting than your wait is probably over. After some months of testing, we’ve finally found it: The Whoop Strap 2.0.

must have cool devices

Using the variability of the cardiac rythm,(an analysis of the subtle time differentiation between each heartbeat) Whoop helps you avoid injuries, informing you about if and how much should you train. As a bonus, the bracelet helps you choose the proper days for setting up new personal records in freestyle swimming. And there’s nothing more satysfing than finding out that you’ve just surrpassed 85 percent of the athelets in the Whoop community.

For more info on the Whoop Strap 2.0 visit the official website: https://www.whoop.com/

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